Bosch XDK IIoT Development Kit (XDK110)

Bosch XDK IIoT Development Kit (XDK110)

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Make use of the power to monitor, control and analyze your product remotely over Bluetooth or Wireless Network. In this way,
devices, products or machines become connective and smarter. XDK is now released for 24/7 usage giving you the freedom
to use it either for short-term proof of concepts or long-term projects. Inclusive of multiple Micro-Electromechanical Systems
(MEMS) sensors, various parameters for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance get recorded.


▶ All-in-one sensor kit: no need for component selection, hardware assembly, or deployment of a real-time operating system
▶ Algorithm library
▶ Example code in open source licensing
▶ Drivers for all system components included
▶ Secure data protocol
▶ Small form factor (Length 60 mm x Width 40 mm x Height 22 mm; Weight 54 g)
▶ Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery
▶ Functional extendibility via the included extension board
▶ High-level API for the standard user and low-level API for the power user
▶ PC and MAC based development tools for Windows, LINUX and MacOS make it an easy to work with tool for any developer
▶ CE, FCC, IC, IMDA, ACMA, NTC and NBTC certified | further on request


XDK110 – Rapid Prototyping Kit
▶ XDK Development Kit
▶ “XDK Gateway” extension board for easy access to additional MCU functionality
▶ 10 cm connector cable
▶ Micro USB 2.0 connector cable
▶ Mounting plate and screws


▶ Bluetooth 4.0 low energy IEEE 802.15.1
▶ Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
▶ 32-Bit microcontroller (ARM Cortex M3), 1MB Flash, 128 kB RAM
▶ Internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery 560 mAh
▶ Integrated antennas


▶ Indoor use
▶ Operating temperature range -20 ºC … 60 °C, (0 °C … 45 °C for battery charging)
▶ Storage temperature range -20 ºC … 60 °C
▶ Humidity range 10…90 %rH (non-condensing)
▶ IP Rating IP 30 (IEC 60529)
▶ Supply Voltage 5 V DC


▶ Accelerometer ±2 … ±16 g (programmable)
▶ Gyroscope ±125 º/s … ±2000 º/s (programmable)
▶ Magnetic field strength ±1300 μT (X,Y-Axis); ±2500μT (Z-Axis)
▶ Light sensor 0.045 lux … 188,000 lux ; 22-bit
▶ Temperature -20 ºC … 60 °C [limited by XDK operating conditions]
▶ Pressure 300…1100 hPa
▶ Humidity 10…90 %rH (non-condensing)
[limited by XDK operating conditions]


▶ Accelerometer BMA280: 2000 Hz
▶ Gyroscope BMG160: 2000 Hz
▶ Magnetometer BMM150: 300 Hz
▶ Hum./Press./Temp. BME280: 182 Hz
▶ Inertial Measurement Unit: 1600 Hz (Accelerometer);
BMI160: 3200 Hz (Gyroscope)


Free software download for XDK110 & XDK Node from the website (

▶ Integrated development environment supplied with XDK Workbench (Eclipse)
▶ LWM2M communication protocol
▶ Extensive libraries and modular source code enable the developer to fully understand the system
▶ Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)


▶ Power switch
▶ Green system LED to display the state of charging
▶ 3 programmable status LEDs (red, orange, yellow)
▶ 2 programmable push-buttons
▶ Micro SD card slot
▶ Interface for J-Link Debug-probe
▶ Interface for extension board

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