Sensing Labs

A solution to optimize your Smart Building project

Robust and reliable sensors

Smart Sensors and data management solutions

At Sensing Labs, we are specialized in smart sensors design and data management solutions. Moreover our turn-key “Sensor-to-Cloud” solution, based on LoRaWAN protocol, simplify construction of scalable IoT applications. Even more, Senlab Lora devices reduce the cost of data acquisition for services requiring very long range and long battery life devices.

Sensing Labs enable B2B market driven by energy and cost savings needs and where we aim to provide fast and high-volume deployments.


  • Monitoring gas, water, electricity consumption and environmental datas as temperature, humidity
  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Space and comfort optimization
  • Industrial operations management …


  • Easy and fast integration Senlab Sensors,
  • Content-Rich Data thanks to high data compression algorithms
  • Low cost and a simple acquisition
  • Industrialized “place & forget” sensors with 15-20 years of battery life

Our added value and services

For service requiring very long range and long battery life – LPWA technologies, we offer a Turn-key Sensor-to-Cloud solution that:

  • Generates smart data, thanks to our smart wireless Senlab sensors
  • Transfers the data to the cloud, with our own gateways or agreements we have with nation-wide operators
  • Make the data easily accessible, through our single API or standard IoT platform protocols (MQTT, CoAP…)
  • And for customers wishing to develop themselves the complete service, solution’s bricks in «spare parts» are available.

Smart agriculture

Relative humidity and temperature in Greenhouses, Breedings…

Smart metering

Reduce your building energy consumption

Smart Building

Systems monitoring, Building energy management systems

Typical Applications

  • Energy efficiency: Light and HVAC monitoring when a meeting room, an office, a phone box… is empty
  • Occupancy rates and alerts
  • Workspace optimization
  • Smart space management : meeting rooms/flex offices reservation system
  • Comfort Optimization: HVAC monitoring

This Senlab offers the best in class features as:

  • Battery life time up to 10 years
  • Rich data content, allows Edge Analytics
  • Long-range radio performances
  • Advanced set of functionalities


Ambient temperature, Relative Humidity

This Senlab T is a smart LoRaWAN™ sensor with a high precision temperature sensor, at ±0.2ºC accuracy. The ruggedized and IP68 design mean this Senlab T is well suited for continuous temperature monitoring in harsh environment.

Typical Applications

  • Goods storage traceability
  • Cold chain maintenance
  • Equipement overheating control
  • Outdoor crop, silo temparature control

This Senlab offers the best in class features as:

  • Datalogging (24 points / radio transmissions)
  • High and Low temperature alarm notification
  • “over the air” reconfiguration